Thank you for choosing “Enzyme Bath Plumeria Honten” from among the many enzyme baths in Japan.

We are committed to safety, security, cleanliness, and providing high quality enzyme baths.
It is one of the few enzyme baths in Japan that is 100% hinoki (Japanese cypress) and does not use any rice bran.
Please experience the ultimate detox in an unreal space.

【Requests when visiting the enzyme bath】

  • Please bring a bath towel and a drink.
    ※To prevent corona infection, we do not provide water.
  • To enhance the effect on your skin, please come to the store without makeup or bring cleansing products.
  • Please drink a glass of water 30 minutes before your visit to promote perspiration.
  • Please note that the car navigation system will lead you to other places other than our store, it is important to check the address on our website before coming.

【New Campaign!】

As part of our new campaign, those who have purchased an online ticket and come to our store for a limited time will get a ¥1,000 discount for a one-time enzyme bath.
Please come soon while the offer lasts!
※ Standard rates apply to all other new customers that did not purchase an online ticket.
※ Please select “on-site payment” as your payment method.
※ Please note that credit card payment is not available.
※ Only available for advanced purchases (online tickets purchased after visiting our store will not be accepted for the discount).

First time only! Click here for special campaign web tickets.
Please note that we do not accept credit card payment.

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